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Penguin Classics Trivia

Welcome to our quizzes page. Go on, have a go and remember - it's just for fun.

Classics review of the year quiz
Test your knowledge of some of our newest releases here.

How much do you really know about the great Dane? Find out here.

From Russia With Love
Do you know your Turgenev from your Tolstoy? Test your knowledge in our quiz on the Russian classics.

H.G. Wells Quiz
Penguin Classics are publishing ten of H.G. Wells's most famous works. Try our quiz about the books (before you read or re-read them!).

The Brains Behind the Books
It's time to find that old copy of 'Who's Who', because this one's all about the authors.

Doctors and Nurses
Colds and flu are spreading round the office once more. Take your mind off your sniffles with our quiz about authors and characters who may (or may not!) be in the medical profession.

Christmas Quiz
Tired of charades? Play our festive Classics quiz instead.

Winter Chillers
With Hallowe'en just passed and the nights drawing in, find out if you've been brave enough to get familiar with these classic tales of terror.

Jane Austen Quiz
Jane Austen is the inspiration for a new book, 'The Jane Austen Book Club' and a new film, 'Bride and Prejudice'. Test your knowledge of one of Britain's favourite authors here.

Musicals Quiz
As The Woman in White opens in the West End, see if you can pass this music exam.

People and Places Quiz
How many of you notice the geography in literature? Take our test to find out.

James Joyce Quiz
See how much you know about all things James Joyce with this Bloomsday centenary quiz.

Trojan Trivia
Test your knowledge of the Trojans and the Greeks in our quiz inspired by Homer's classics.

Classics on Film
Find out if you know your muppets from your Merchant Ivory in our quiz about classics in the cinema.

Christmas Quiz
'God bless us every one!' Try your hand at guessing the following Christmas Classics.

George Orwell Centenary Quiz
Test your knowledge of all things Orwellian with our centenary quiz.

Big Reads Quiz
Everyone has a favourite novel! Test your knowledge of the biggest and the best with Penguin's Big Reads Quiz.

Literary Love Quiz
Are you in the mood for love? Have a go at our literary love quiz and test your knowledge of some of the more amorous moments in classical literature.

Lives of the Artists
How well do you know your authors? Here we take a look at some of the most quirky characteristics of our literary greats.

Famous Last Words
A final gasp or a shriek of pain. Identify some of these closing comments in the world of Penguin Classics and Modern Classics.

It's a Dog's Life
Dogs crop up in every shape and form in literature. See how you fare with this canine quiz

What the Dickens
From Pickwick Papers to Edwin Drood, the novels and short stories of Charles Dickens have delighted generations of readers, ensuring his place as one of the immortals of fiction. Here is a chance to test how much you know about this extraordinary author and the world he created.

Troubled Spirits, Sticky Ends
As in life, so in death - famous literary figures lead unhappy lives at least as often as famous literary creations.

Good Souls and Heels
Selfless heroes and heroines pitted against dastardly villains - a quiz to test your knowledge on the eternal bout between good and evil.

Guns and Roses
All's fair in love and war. That's why novelists bring the two subjects together so often--the possibilities are endless.

Murder, They Write
The homicide rate may rise and fall, but in the world of Penguin Classics and Modern Classics, literary murder and mayhem remain rampant - and, for the most part, fictional.

Damsels Who Distress
Literary bad-girls shake up the party and send the prudes running for cover. Let Penguin Classics and Modern Classics introduce you to a genuine jezebel or two.

Soul Food
Penguin Classics and Modern Classics serve up the masterpieces of spiritual literature from the world's great religious traditions. Come nourish yourself on the wisdom of the ages.

Words Worthy of Women
Here are some wise and witty thoughts about women, men, and society... from a woman's perspective.

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